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What is Hosting and why do I need it?


At Design and Logic we create many websites a month and one of the most common questions is "what is hosting".

  I have been in the web development business for a long time and sometimes forget that clients have to be educated on even the most basic internet principles (after all I do not know the basics of other occupations like  construction ... my wife can vouch for that one!).  Website Hosting is one of those principles.  

1. What is website hosting

  When a webpage or site is created it is usually done on your local computer (or development environment).  What that means is that the computer you use everyday (whether a mac or pc .. or if you are lucky a macbook air like mine :) is the computer you use make the website.  You create the text, graphics and put it all together using HTML. HTML is a language the internet understands.  So now that it is all done, you can view it on your computer!  Wait ... you will soon realize that you are the only one who can see your website since other people cannot see your computer from different locations.  So how do we accomplish the puzzling conundrum of sharing something with the world that is "stuck" on your pc?  We use a server.

2. What is a server

  The best way to describe a server is that it is a computer configured to display websites.  Every website you see on the world wide web is on the hard drives (the storage area) of a server.  Once the website is "uploaded" to a server, it is broadcasted to the internet.  That way search engines and web browsers can locate it. So where are these "magical" servers? At your preferred hosting company.

3.  What is a Hosting company

  A hosting company is a company that houses many servers and "rents" space on them for your website.  They usually charge a monthly or yearly fee and most often give you email options.

So that is it in a nutshell ... there are many complicated things that happen in the background that make all this possible but I won't bore you with the details!

If you need a good hosting company I recommend